Thursday, December 3, 2009

Encase and Windows 7, Server 2008

The Remote Desktop Protocol and Encase Forensic do not play well together in Windows 7 and Server 2008.

The traditional fix to this in XP and Server 2003 was to use the MSTSC command with a /console flag (or /admin for later service packs) to carry out console mode. However this does not work anymore. So I did a little research...

It's stated on Guidance's website that  "EnCase is not officially supported running over Remote Desktop due to the manner in which the Remote Login Account is given access to the System devices". A discussion with one of their support representatives and some messages on their forum in fact further confirmed that Encase has never supported RDP (in any of their releases).

BUT, Guidance then goes to say in the same article that "IF the RDP configuration does not work the only alternative is to purchase the SAFE NAS (Network Authentication Server) to license EnCase over the network." Well, if that's not a contradicting statement, I don't know what is! So they are saying its not supported but if you want to make it work you can BUY something they sell to make it work? As a user this makes me shake my head and as a shareholder, I would be lying if I said I wasen't smiling :-) 

Some say this is a licensing strategy, a method to prevent multiple users from using multiple instances of encase off of one license. But I don't see how that type of "abuse" is even technically possible under the current limitation of RDP and Encase only working in console mode. So I don't buy that really. I think the reason it does not work in Windows 7 and 2008 server is because of something that has changed in the O/S. I'm not sure what this is but I'm going to look into it.

So here's a solution I purpose to Guidance. Migrate over to a system like Access Data's License Manager and Code Meter dongle (hold on, did I just say something good about AD?). With Access Data's License Manager system a user has the ability to transfer/update licenses from and to their dongles. Ideally, one could use a dongle normally and then if one wanted to use RDP, they could migrate their license over from the dongle to the NAS Safe. Then vice versa. Damn I think that is genius! LOL But this would sure make people happy!

Well enough of that, here's something good. I have 2 round about workarounds for Win 7 and 2008 Server to get RDP working -

  1. Disable Fast User Switching, Disable User Account Controls, start up your instance of Encase Forensic, open your case up/start your processing. THEN, remote in using the "mstsc /admin" command and log in as the same user you have an instance of Encase already running under. This works.
  2. Now, you can always use a VNC or PCAnywhere application to accomplish this as well. Works like a charm.
But neither of these are practical solutions. Welp, back to XP for me!

Dav Nads

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  1. Some things you may not know about this situation:

    The same applies to Vista.

    If you do have a NAS, you cannot launch EnCase via RDP on the system that has the dongle connected.

    Guidance only staffs the NAS setup function during office hours, so if something goes wrong after hours, it stays wrong for several hours (if not the entire weekend).

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  3. I've been running into this issue, which is maddening, if I want to work away from the office. Strangely enough, my co-worker can sustain the "enterprise" status as long as he launches EnCase locally, while mine terminates the enterprise status and downgrades to "aquisition" mode as soon as I RDP in. Since our environment does not allow direct calls to MSTSC while using VPN (the service calls it behind the scenes) I would have to use a messy jump-box set-up. We have the NAS dongle set-up, too, but in order to use it I would need a full tunnel AND I believe run EnCase on my remote machine rather than the one on my network. This setup does work, however given the speed issues outside of the core net, it is not tenable. I have to imagine that there has to be some way to change the behavior of Windows, assuming the modification is not at the kernel level. If I had to put some money down on the perp, I'd say it's probably related to UAC, the most significant change to OSs since XP. If anyone stumbles across other work-arounds, I'd love to hear about them.

    1. "Windows Server 2008 provides a solid foundation for all of your server workload and application requirements while being easy to deploy and manage."
      Windows Server 2008 Support

  4. This bug annoyed me a lot.

    A workaround is to enable automatic login, and then add encase to the Startup folder on the Start menu.

    You can then connect via RDP, and EnCase will already be running.

    If it crashes, you're out of luck and will have to run shutdown -r.

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